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What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Prom Dress from Overseas


When you search for a prom dress on the internet, you will be amazed by the many offers available for bargain prom dresses. Most of these are usually from overseas and are sold on an auction basis. Despite the low price that they appear to have you should understand that you have to pay customs duty and VAT among other things in order to bring the dress to the country. This is just one of the hurdles you might face when buying a dress overseas.


Before you pay for a cheap prom dressyou have just seen on an overseas e-commerce store, you have to do a price check. This doesn't mean simply looking at the indicated price besides the picture of the dress -rather, you should find out any additional taxes and shipping charges that must be met before the dress is delivered. Sometimes these costs may exceed the price of the dress hence make sure to consider them.


The distance from the shipping country should give you a rough idea of the costs you should expect. If the store has a branch in your country, the shipping charges might be lower. However, if they don't then expect to pay a little more. Duty taxes are also lower for stores that run their businesses within the country than those that don't.


Another thing you should know before purchasing that handmade dressesfrom overseas is that the return policy might be a bit complicated. Read the terms of the agreement that is made between you and the seller at the time of purchase. Some sellers will agree to refund but others don't take refunds. Also remember that the shipping costs could be way more than the cost of the dress. It would be best to have a deeper look at the materials and sizes before purchasing due to this tough return policy.


When shopping online, be careful in order to get what you really want. There might be many things which will be overwhelming to the eye. However, having a clear mind and digging deeper into the product you are about to purchase is the only way to ensure that you settle for the best there is. Make sure to consider the sizes, prices, and design. Some shops may have videos of models wearing similar dresses. Check out for these to know how this particular one will fit you. Check out to learn more about prom dress.